Carissa & Ray, Married 3/2016

If I'm brutally honest - I was very skeptical of the man who I would soon meet as my now husband. I was a bit taken back that the only thing written in his profile was that he "Enjoys naps and uncrustables." But he was also the only person to have quoted my favorite video game in his introduction message (that I later learn he pawned from his roommate - still, it was cute and clever, nonetheless). Needless to say, I treaded sssssslowly with this one. So, one may think, "Okay, so you met, you lived happily ever after - yes?" WRONG. After only a couple weeks of talking, we suddenly went dark for over a MONTH. Yes.... our conversation in the beginning had "ceased" - so to speak (on his part, though he will always counter as my doing to this day) - until a couple days into the start of a new year I received the message, "Are you alive?" I'll never forget THAT moment. I laughed hysterically at work, thinking, "This guy has to be kidding!" For that split second I knew I never wanted to talk to him again. I was never much of a "risk taker", especially in dating. My logical, over-analytical side was telling me to run for the hills - yet my heart was pushing me to give him the benefit of the doubt. I guess you can tell which direction it went from there. Three years later, happily married to my person, my rock - the one who makes me cry-laugh daily, and who sees me for me each and every day.