Kaitlyn & Eli, Married 9/2018

I messaged Eli on September 4, 2013. I was looking through people who have viewed my page and he was on there. I was thinking "hmm, it doesn't hurt just to message him even though he didn't message me." Well let's just say I am SO glad that I did! I sent that first message and not even a minute later he replied. We talked for a good couple hours and I found out he worked really close to where I live. It was Wednesday night and I had to get up early Thursday for work so I left him my phone number to text me sometime Thursday. I was really looking forward to talking to him again! Thursday afternoon comes around and he finally texted me; I was so happy to be talking to him again. We talked all afternoon and night and made plans to meet up. Coincidentally, I was going to a bridal shower Saturday (in two days) and it happened to be right around the block from him. So I told him I could pick him up after the bridal shower and we could go get dinner. Saturday comes around and I was so nervous to meet Eli! He gave me directions to his house and I picked him up and we went out to dinner at Red Robin. The moment I met him I knew he was going to be the guy I married. There was an instant connection as we sat and talked over dinner. After dinner, he came back to my house and we just talked some more. Later that evening, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes! (We had only known each other for three days and have only just met- it sounded crazy but we didn't waste any time)! So, September 7, 2013 my life changed forever! I was now dating the man of my dreams. He is a great guy! Fast forward to December 11, 2016. It was a blizzard outside. Complete white out and Eli insisted we go to Partridge Creek. I was so confused why he wanted to go on this day, why couldn't we wait until tomorrow? When there wasn't a blizzard outside. A normal 20 minute commute there turned into an hour because of how slow we had to drive. He took me to Bar Louie and then he said he wanted to get a picture in front of the big tree there because it had snow on it and it looked pretty. Well, we went in front of the tree, I snapped the picture, and then I went to go look at it and he got down on one knee and proposed! It was so romantic. There was hardly anyone around, the snow was falling, I was sobbing. One lady walked past and said we just made her night and offered to take our picture! It was a night I will never forget. Now we are planning our wedding and we get married September 2, 2018! We are both so excited and happy that we found each other. I still thank POF everyday for meeting him. We are so lucky and never thought that this is how we would meet our significant other but are so glad that we did! So thank you again POF! We can't wait to get married and start our life together!