, Married 7/2015

Jonathan was one of the first people to message me when I signed up. It was my first time on an online-dating website, but he had been searching for a while. We talked for 2 weeks before we set up a first date. Jonathan was the only suitor who stayed in my "Top Match" list throughout those two weeks. Our first date also happened to be my first attempt at meeting someone off the website. We met for coffee and dessert at a nearby café late one Thursday night. The date went spectacularly! He was sweet, charming, interesting, attentive, and handsome! I had already set up other first-dates from the website for that weekend, so I had to see those through. However, Jonathan and I quickly scheduled a second date. We ended up going on 10 dates within the first couple of weeks. He was a perfect gentleman. After that first weekend of dates, I didn't set up anymore meetings with others. It wasn't long before we bashfully agreed that we wanted to suspend our dating profiles and see where life takes us. Sure enough - 13 months later we were engaged! We have recently celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary, in the house we bought together, with the sweet puppy we've adopted. Life is good. And we owe it all to pof.com! Trust the Top Match result. It works!!