Amy & James, Married

I am a teacher and was on April break from school. I was single for the first time in YEARS and wanted to find someone to have some fun with. I had always said I had NO interest in getting married because I KNEW I didn't want any children, so I didn't see a need for it. I created my profile and the messages started pouring in! I was consumed by it for the next few days. On Sunday (Easter), I got the first message from "Batman." I was literally laughing out loud at the humor mixed with sweetness. I HAD to open his profile to read more! As soon as I opened his profile, I saw his tagline, which was a line from my FAVORITE movie, Billy Madison. I knew this boy was going to be a good time! I laughed my way through his silly profile and then reached the bottom. It was a paragraph describing how he can also be serious (adorably romantic, too, I must say). I responded after reading it and we wrote back and forth for a couple of days before exchanging phone numbers. We continued to text for the rest of the week before he FINALLY asked me out on Saturday. We decided to meet the following Saturday, but after continuing to text nonstop, realized we wanted to meet sooner. He booked us reservations at an adorable little "romantical" (as he called it) restaurant/bar halfway between both of our condos. We immediately hit it off and talked and laughed the entire time. We decided to keep our original date the next Saturday and we were hooked on each other from then on! Since then, we have gone on several amazing trips, including the most recent "surprise trip" that he kept a secret from me for 9 months. He took me to Maui, Hawaii and proposed on April 20th--the day he sent me the very first POF message! Of course, I screamed yes and we are now getting married on July 1, 2017! So, THANK YOU Plenty of Fish for finding my forever! He is the MOST amazing, wonderful, generous, thoughtful and loving man I have EVER met. And thanks to you, he is all mine!