Richard L. & Krashanda, Married 6/2016

His: After countless attempts @ love & happiness, and just as many disappointing outcomes, GOD finally gifted me with my first & only true love...I recognized her for who she would come to be after a matter of weeks...Her kind spirit, selfless efforts, positive light, and loyal disposition captured my heart and secured us in a future that was meant to be. I could have not written this better myself...An Angel in every way, my Wife, Queen, and Best Half! Hers: when I saw his photo on POF I was curious about who he was but his profile said he was 5'6; which did not work for me. However; I was mesmerized by him and had to be sure his height was true. After he confirmed he was 6'1 there was no turning around. He listened to me and showed me what a real man is. His kind heart, religious mind, knowing my worth and his determination to please me and be with me won me over.