, Married 6/2014

Bianca has a terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis and thought she would never find love, get married, or even have children. She was a full time student, going to school for cyber crimes. Her mother made her sign up with POF and one night Trency messaged her. Trency was working for security and also military police for the national guard. He was about to deploy for 9 months and then on his return, he wanted to become a police officer. Well, that message changed their lives for the better. Trency asked Bianca out for 2 whole weeks, but Bianca said she was on vacation when in reality she was in the hospital for treatment, too ashamed to tell the truth. Once she was released, she agreed to a date. Trency took Bianca to a hibachi restaurant one night. Little did he know, hibachi is her favorite! She was nearly an hour late because she couldn't find anything to wear! However, she showed up. They ended up talking until closing, they had to be asked to leave and then continued to talk in the cold of November for almost another hour. They ended up going on several more dates and then Trency took Bianca to Disney with him and his family in December. They established their relationship officially and ever since, they have been inseparable. She stayed by his side through his entire deployment faithfully and he lays beside her in the hospital every time she receives treatment. They were a perfect match. She found a reason to continue to live and he found a reason to come back home alive. They married on June 22, 2014. He became a police officer and 1 year later, after being told that Bianca could never have kids due to her illness....a miracle child was born! A healthy baby boy was born on November 23, 2015. None of this would have happened had it not been for POF. They are so beyond thankful and happy!