, Married 5/2016

Dear Plenty of Fish, My wife and I would like to thank you! We don’t know if you get to see a lot of success stories or even receive a lot of “thank you’s” for your site. I met my wife from your website and I must say thanks to the way your website is designed it helped us find each other. What’s even crazier is that it took your site to bring us together as our families already knew each other and we had mutual friends but somehow never crossed paths until your site. She had just come out of a terribly abusive relationship and I myself haven’t had my share of luck either having been married once already and it didn’t go well at all! She had never been on a dating website and was even a little scared but because of what we each went through we filled out the questionnaires completely and found each other. She decided to give me a shot and we went on 3 dates and became inseparable from there. She never was in support of marriage as she had adopted the true idea of an independent woman but in just one month I convinced her that she can still be independent and have a soul mate. We officially started dating June 7th 2014, got engaged July 7th 2014 and because she believed in us we married May 7th 2016 (she had a 2 year rule). Because of your site I have a beautiful wife and an amazing step son. We would both like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you have many more amazing stories like ours. We’ve attached a wedding photo for your site to use if you’d like. Thank you again! We hope you’ve enjoyed our story as much as we’ve enjoyed being the story.