, Married 4/2014

When I joined pof I had basically given up on finding someone. My very first boyfriend and I had met in high school we were together for years and got engaged. The second we got engaged I noticed a change in him and found out soon after he was cheating on me with my best friend. Adam came into my life when I was broken down and picked me up and put me back together. He had almost the exact same thing happen to him, high school sweetheart first love broke his heart. When we got together it was just right. We moved in together within the first month. And got pregnant not long after. That was truly a miracle for us. Not only was I told I would have difficulty having a baby but that it would be close to impossible. We got married right away and had our first son. Time passed and we decided to try for another one. We had our second little boy in August and have never been happier. Thank you pof for giving me the chance to meet such an amazing person and giving us the family we have always wanted.