, Married 12/2015

I was a waitress and he worked in a factory, both always on the go. Never had time for the dating scene but I know I was tired of being tossed from date to date from friends recommending friends. Could not deal with it. In August 2014, I decided i would need to take control of my love life and ended up signing up for a dating site.. one that seemed a little more innocent. Plentyoffish seemed to be a good starting point. I created my profile one night and before I even finished creating my profile, this fella messaged me. Read his message and went to his profile. Most adorable man I had ever laid eyes on. Beautiful smile, perfect build to match my own. I was completely awe struck. I immediately messaged back and ended up deciding to meet up at my work and ended up having to wait for my last customers to leave. Sat in a back booth and chatted, laughed, got lost in time. Was absolutely perfect. Decided that once I finished up with my side work, we could go grab some dinner. Hibachi was the choice of dinner. Enjoyed every moment with this man. A few days later, he had stayed the night due to my prior roommate being absolutely nuts. He never left! We spent 4 months together in one bedroom when we were not at work. Played video games, board games, card games, did puzzles, and grew closer together every single day. Finally got the opportunity to replace my spot on the lease and officially moved in together once he proposed on my birthday in February. That day was so magical. Spent the day doing "me" things. Finally finished the day at Dave and Busters. He had made prior plans with the family about setting up the engagement ring in one of the cases that displays the expensive prizes. Once we had our fun, ate our dinners, won some more tickets, we decided to go claim our loot. Once back in the trophy room full of amazing cool prizes, he guided me to the case with the playstations, xboxs, etc. I thought he was going to say "pick one! It is your birthday!" Well.. he basically did. Right in the middle was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I, of course, claimed my prize! Everything was so perfect for a time. Then tragity struck. We neared our wedding date and he had been let go from his job due to the company not meeting standards. We held tight. I picked up a job which paid double and was able to pull us through, he snagged a job a couple months later and we were able to go through our wedding and honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN with just enough money to do everything we wanted and make it home with the bank account just dollars away from zero. The entire experience was completely worth it! The wedding was like that from a fairy tale. I would do it all over again in a heart beat! Even through our hardships, we never once fought. There has never once been an argument. We always work through it. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel and he always reassures me of it. I could not ask for a better man in my life. You know the saying, "He is my rock?" I never knew how true that could be. I always thought that saying was just a cheesy way for girls to explain how a man anchors her through hurricanes and rough winds but also holds her up above high waters. It took me meeting this man to realize how true that is. Thank you Plenty of Fish for allowing me to have this love everyone only dreams of.