, Married 1/2016

I messaged the ModestoPilot on January 2nd with a short and quick "Happy New Year" . He messaged me back and I instantly knew him was going to be someone I wanted to get to know better. Since he got my sense of humor I knew he was a smart guy (lol). Just a few days later I suggest we meet at Target. I sent him a link of why having your first date at target was the best idea ever. So on January 4th we meet at Super Target. I asked him to meet me on the Barbie aisle and without hesitation he said "okay" . I was 5 minutes late on purpose. (Lol) The Target date by far was the best date ever! Even after taking the wrong cart and almost losing my purse Scott was amazing and funny. We laughed and shared stories of how we were single again and just had a good time. After that we didn't go a day with talking on the phone, texting, or seeing each other. We are still pretty much inseparable (unless he is working out of town). I kissed a lot of frogs and finally found the man who I prayed for.