, Married 5/2015

I -Mickala- made my account the night of July 4th 2014 because a friend of mine had made one and it I thought "Eh why not". So I made the profile at about 11pm and when I woke up around 6:30 the next morning I had received over 250 messages from a variety of different people. Immediately I got freaked out and wanted nothing but to get rid of this account that was blowing up my account. Due to POF policy at the time I had to keep the account active for 24 hours before I deactivated. So on my lunch break I decided to read through all these messages and responded to ONE of the 250+, low and behold that ONE person would be the person who became my forever. We met in person July 12th, went out for Mexican food and we both happened to have terrible sunburns! We drove back to his place in Mountain Home to pick up his adorable German Short hair puppy and then went back to my house for the next few days. -He was a perfect gentlemen of course- The rest is sort of history, we had the most romantic engagement which he planned so perfectly on Valentines Day. A secret trip to Jackson Hole WY. where we stayed in a creek side suite and on our way to dinner that night he proposed under one of the 4 arches leading to the town square, complete with a secret photographer. We got married in May 2015 in Alabama on a whim while we were there. You get lucky sometimes and the day we found each other was a VERY lucky day.