Kristen & Roger, Married 1/2015

Plenty of Fish...yes, that's right...we met on a dating website. People sometimes bemoan the idea of their love story starting with “We met on the internet.” However, we proudly say that we met on modern day’s version of blind dating! Similar to blind dating of decades past, Internet dating can often times be awkward and uncomfortable, but hopefully it will be an amazing beginning of a lifelong journey. It all began with dates at a coffee house, pizza parlor, Putt-Putt golf, and renaissance fair. Some say that Roger even agreed to watch “The Bachelorette” with Kristen, but that has not been substantiated with hard evidence. There was a fair amount of calculated caution in the very beginning, though it may have seemed we moved quickly to the outside eye. Roger was quite sure of his interest within a week. Kristen took a bit longer to be sure of this new, interested man in her life and anyone who knows Roger well can understand. With each date and exciting event they learned more about each other and grew fonder and fonder. Soon Roger knew he wanted to commit to this interesting woman. He left a small fairy door along with a written letter from King Oberon (past date reference) on her doorstep to ask her to be his. Kristen felt the same and the exclusive relationship began. The next year had the couple meeting each other’s families, spending time with friends, and discussing a possible future together. They learned about the many good traits along with a few challenging ones. They had so much fun together, experienced so much together, and let their stubborn sides win out once or twice as well. After a year Roger knew that he never wanted to be without Kristen again. After Roger obtained the blessing from Kristen’s parents and the ring, he planned the proposal with the help of her friend, Stacy. Kristen and Stacy met for dinner, but once at the restaurant Kristen began to get suspicious. However, with Stacy’s quick thinking, she was able to get Kristen off the track. When Stacy got word from Roger that it was “time,” she handed Kristen a very special (and familiar) letter. Kristen knew what was happening and could already feel the tears coming (and tried so hard not to cry, haha.) As the event was being documented my camera and video, Kristen read the very touching letter while a violinist played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Roger soon presented himself with friends, flowers, a speech and a ring. Roger announced his love for Kristen and asked her to be with him forever as his wife. Kristen, without a doubt, said “Yes!” and the whole restaurant burst into applause. Their families and friends spent the rest of the night celebrating. Now we prepare a new home, a new life, and a celebration of our love for one another in January. We are ready for the hard work, dedication, love, the spirit of God, perseverance, selflessness, laughter, love, family, and a very happy ending!