raverdad: Looking for some dangerous safety.
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Fuma occasionalmente con Magro fisico
Conway, Arkansas
46 year old Uomo, 170cm, Non religioso
Caucasico, Acquario
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My oldest freind is no longer a pup and doesnt have long left.

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Hello all,

Most people call me Raver, been dancing since 93 and I love techno. I am an open minded caring and honest person. I don't play games and can't stand drama. My life is complex right now, I am also a devoted father.

Tthe Joplin tornado and my entry into disaster relief, changed my life if I can help I will and do. I truly enjoy others successes and being a part of them. I've been to several tornado and hurricane devastated communities since 2011 doing both search and rescue and disaster relief work. I also chase storms... I am a member of a search and rescue team and I also work. Sometimes very long hours so my time may be limited. Another of my passions are Nissan Z Cars, I love to just cruise the mountain roads.

I try to remain mentally agile and flexible, when given a new idea or concept I mentally mull it over and decide if I like it, just like parts of it, or don't like it at all. This means I may hold political and spiritual views that seem to be opposed to one another. They are not, they are fit and snug in my mind, and I live by them. I try to be ethical and moral in how I treat others, if not in how I respect tradition. I don't mind enemies, I love my friends, but I abhor professional victims. If you fall down, get up, use a crutch if you need to or ask for a hand. Don't just lay there and wallow. Its what I do, I've learned to take some serious hits, and get back up.

Well back on topic- can you tell I have ADHD?

What I am looking for is someone who matches me and who doesn't speak in baby talk, who realizes that much of my time is consumed by work and parenting and so anytime I free up, I'd like to make memories with.

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Something fun, that is all I ask. Prefer one on one activities or smaller environments; large crowds and private gatherings are awkward until I know people.

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